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Updated: 4/23/02
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Twiztid's back! And they've got a new CD to go along with their ongoing tour of the same name. While this CD isn't a full-fledged LP (only an EP), it is still a worthwhile listen. It's eleven tracks full of Psychopathic flavor.

"You gotta drag your balls across her bitch-ass lips, go ahead and stick them in and tell her SUCK THIS DICK, BITCH!" Nice, eh? Well, it wouldn't be Twiztid if they didn't talk about pussy and weed. And they do. "Dirty Lil Girl" is an entertaining song about, of course, sex. "4 Those of U" is basically a song about those fake ass bitches that try to pretend to be Juggalos. And what Psychopathic album would be complete without giving props to the guys that make it all happen, the Juggalos? "Your the Reazon" is that song. Personally, it's my favorite song on the CD.

If you like Twiztid, you're going to love Mirror Mirror. From the moody, almost scary intro all the way to the last track, Twiztid keeps the action going. They certainly haven't lost their talent yet. Nor do they plan on it.

ICP and Twiztid seem to be doing just fine without Mike E. Clark producing their music. While their lyrics may not be as catchy as they have been in the past, it is obvious that they're evolving. They are learning to survive on their own, and doing a damn good job at it too.

Overall score: 9 (1-10)

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