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Updated: 3/12/02
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Nintendo Gamecube: Official Videogame System of the ICP Alliance.
Welcome to the Gamecube Section!

Welcome to Part 1 of the ICP Alliance's new editorial series, State of the Gamecube. This series of editorials covers the Nintendo Gamecube, the ICP Alliance's official videogame system. Note that all information below is not regarded as fact, but is merely my own opinion.

The Nintendo Gamecube: what do you think of when you hear that name? Mario? Zelda? No, unfortunately not; at least, not yet. But many surprises are in store for those of us that own the little purple (or black) lunchbox of love.

First of all, many said that the Gamecube would repeat the same horrid pattern that the now-deceased Nintendo 64 suffered from: lack of games. And even though there has been a much larger quantity of games for the Gamecube so far, compared to the N64's launch period, the lack of games compared to the PS2 is still apparent. And why is this? I think I have an answer to this. 1) The Gamecube only came out last November, so of course it wouldn't have a library of over one hundred games yet. 2) Nintendo is playing catch-up since their less-than-stellar period with the N64. 3) They're building their trust back with game developers.

But not is all bad in the world of Nintendo. In fact NintendoLand is beginning to look much brighter. On the horizon is a slew of new games that are itching to call themselves "killer-aps" for the Gamecube. Some of them being: Mario Sunshine, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid Prime, Resident Evil, Eternal Darkness, Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet, and many more. And that's just major blockbusters for THIS YEAR! I am not taking into account the insane amount of games being developed for it at this moment that will probably not see the light of day until 2003. At any rate, things look good for people who like FUN games.

With other videogame systems like PlayStation 2 and XBOX around, why would you want to get a Gamecube anyways? Note the games in the previous paragraph. These games are going to ONLY be on the Gamecube. Sure you want more games than that of course. Well how about Capcom Vs. SNK 2, Final Fantasy Unlimited, James Bond in Agent Under Fire, Spy Hunter, Bloody Roar: Primal Fury, Pac Man World 2, and many more. Too many to name in this editorial, for sure. These games are either already released for the Gamecube or will be released by year's end.

Now, you're probably saying "Final Fantasy isn't coming to the Gamecube!" Well think again. Square (the maker of Final Fantasy, duh!) announced that Final Fantasy would be making a return to Nintendo THIS YEAR. Not only do they have at least one game in development for the Gamecube to be released this year, but as many as FOUR games will be released by Square for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance in 2002. If Final Fantasy isn't enough reason to own a GBA, then I don't know what is.

Nintendo is desperate to shed its "kiddy" image and take on more of a "universal" image. They want the Gamecube to appeal to everyone from 6 to 60. With games like Resident Evil, Metroid Prime, Eternal Darkness, Bloody Roar, and James Bond, that picks up some of the older crowd. With Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda, that takes up some of the RPG crowd. With Mario and Sonic (who would've thought?), that takes up the hardcore platform junkies, not to mention Nintendo AND Sega fans. So what's not to like?

You want the "Nintendo Difference?" Well, you'll only get it from Nintendo. And that's a guarantee.


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