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Updated: 2/7/02
2002 Juggalo Mini-Gathering Review: Read it here!
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The 2002 Juggalo Mini-Gathering in Memphis, TN, turned out to be a wonderful success. It took place on January 11 at the New Daisy Theatre. I was there to capture all the flavor. I had planned to take pictures, but the digital camera was out of commission at the time. Dammit...

Anyhow, it started at about 8 p.m. There were at least 20-40 people there (not bad considering the circumstances: read below) including myself. What was amazing was seeing the diverse amount of people that showed up. From suit and tie businessmen to mothers with their preteen children to hardcore Juggalos, decked out in all the Psychopathic garb. When we entered, they had a wrestling ring set up in the middle of the theatre. What happened next was nothing short of HARDCORE. Jeff Jarrett of the WWF was there, along with Bam Bam Bigalow, and a few other wrestlers.

Anyhow, the group was trying to promote a new wrestling federation, but I forget the name of it... damn, sometimes it sucks to be a pothead. For about two hours, we were treated to a slew of wrestlers beathing the SHIT out of each other. You could obsiously tell that most of it was choreographed, but some of the blows were real, and every, yes, EVERY wrestler left with blood covering their bodies. For instance, Jeff Jarett was repeatedly beaten upside the head with a folding metal chair until blood was pouring from his forehead. At any rate, it was good fun.

After the wrestling was over, the wrestling ring was dismantled and the hosts of the Mini-Gathering started with the Psychopathic Trivia. Almost everyone there won at least an ICP poster. Several lucky people won ICP albums even! The guys responsible for hosting this Gathering were five Juggalos from Memphis. They were all dressed up as Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, Jamie Madrox, Monoxide Child, and Blaze.

After the trivia was over, then began the chaos that was the concert! The five guys sang songs from Dark Lotus: Tales of the Lotus Pod, ICP: The Great Milenko, and Blaze: 1 Less G in Da Hood. All the while, they had over one hundred 2 liters of Faygo set up on stage. Everyone was thorougly doused with warm Faygo and singing along to the songs. The concert was cut short because of the heavy amount of Faygo that was sprayed everywhere, but it was still fun. The only part that wasn't fun was walking back to my car in the freezing weather, since I was so badly soaked from the Faygo attack. But overall, I found it to be a great gathering, considering only a group of teenage Juggalos set it up.

If I hear about another Mini-Gathering in the future, I'll be sure to hook you guys up and let you know first thing.

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