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Updated: 2/7/02
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Riddlebox - The 3rd Joker's Card

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to your death! Now let's see where you're headed. Turn the crank, and experience what's in store for you deep within the mighty Riddlebox!"

This album is all about what happens to you after you die. You enter a state of limbo and then have to turn the crank on the Riddlebox to decide your fate: Heaven or Hell. It all depends on what kind of person you were before the fateful day when you became deceased.

Riddlebox is an extremely varied CD, moreso than Carnival of Carnage or The Ringmaster. Songs like "Toy Box" perfectly show off the slapstick comedy of ICP. In that song, Violent J creates weapons of death out of everyday toys and brings them to school to get back at everyone who mistreated him in the past. "Headless Boogie" is a very catchy song that one can dance to. And of course, it has the Slaughter House Mix of Chicken Huntin', which is the version that is most popular today.

If I were to detail each song I like on this album, it would take up too much space. Suffice it to say, I really like this CD. If you're a new ICP fan, get this CD immediately. If you're a true Juggalo, then I'm sure you already have this. If you don't, you should be shot in the back. ;)


Overall Score: 9.7 (Scale from 1 - 10)

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