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Updated: 2/7/02
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The Amazing Jeckel Brothers - The 5th Joker's Card

"His glow of compassion kindles the heart, like a campfire on a cold winter's eve. His embers burn eternally, spreading the flame of mercy like a warm blanket over the shoulders of a vagabond. His kindness is fueled by sympathy for human suffering, but his inferno of righteous cause, incinerates creature of sin to ash." So begins the story of Jake and Jack Jeckel.

Being the fifth Joker's Card out of the bag, the Insane Clown Posse had to live up to some pretty big expectations. And so it does. Filled with tons of new songs from your favorite wicked clowns, The Amazing Jeckel Brothers delivers as a fine addition to the growing collection of Insane Clown Posse's musical library.

One things for sure, ICP hasn't even thought about toning down their tried-and-true ultra-violent attitude. While extremely entertaining and great to listen to at a party, some of the songs will gross some people out (as would most other Psychopathic offerings.). Others will love it. It just depends on who you hang around with.

Every song has a distinct style, yet all held together by the mysticism of the Jeckels. "Bitches" features Wu-Tang rapper Old Dirty Bastard and is quite fun to listen to. "Fuck the World" is basically J and Shaggy telling everyone how much they hate everything.

Overall, The Amazing Jeckel Brothers is one of the better Joker's Cards. You can't be a Juggalo and not own this album. If you don't have it, buy it now.

Overall Score: 9.3 (Scale from 1 - 10)

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