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Updated: 2/7/02
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1 Less G In Da Hood - Blaze's 1st LP

Blaze Ya Dead Homie. A few years ago, one would say "Who the fuck is that?" Well, some people might still say the same today. But not the Juggalos. Using a mix of rock guitars, thug raps, and Psychopathic flavor, Blaze has a hit CD on his hands.

This album sounds more like a rock CD in parts, but it's not necessarily a bad thing. From the beginning the music and lyrics are very catchy; moreso than ICP's latest offering, Forgotten Freshness Vol. 3.

Blaze Ya Dead Homie's history (according to Psychopathic) is that he was a hard street thug until he was shot down eleven years ago. One dark night, ICP and Twiztid went to the cemetary and, using forbidden black magick, rose him from the grave. Yeah well, that's what they say.

Anyhoo, this CD is really BUMPin'! Songs like "Juggalo Anthem" feature Twiztid on background vocals and feature some really creative lyrics. He shows that he will be with the Juggalos for life. "Nasty" provides all the grossness that Pyschopathic Records is known for creating. In "Str8 Outta Detroit," Blaze, Twiztid, and ICP give it up for their hometown.

Overall, I highly recommend this CD to anyone who likes other Psychopathic artists like Twiztid and ICP. I look forward to Blaze having a highly successful musical career.


Overall Score: 9.4 (Scale from 1 - 10)

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