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Updated: 2/7/02
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Editorial #1: What Zug Izland Must Do To Become a Great Rock Band

It's true. Pyschopathic signed their first rock band to their label. Now some might think that this is the beginning of Psychopathic Records' downfall. I think just the opposite. If they can pull it off just right, we could have another wonderful Psychopathic group tearing it up across the world. But first, they must do a few things: publicize all they can about Zug Izland, make some killer songs that Juggalos would like, and keep true to the nature of Psychopathic Records.

First of all, Psychopathic would be dumb not to realize that rock bands are on the rise yet again. That is why I can see that they'd sign a rock band to their label. But this isn't just any rock band. This is the Juggalos' rock band. This is the band that will revolutionize what Juggalos listen to. Instead of just ICP, Twiztid, and Blaze rapping, now we have Syn (the lead singer of Zug Izland) to bring in new types of Juggalos to the Psychopathic family.

Zug Izland seems to be coming along nicely. From just the three songs I've heard from Syn & Co., they seem to be on the right track. Now all that has to be done is pubilicity. Publicity can make or break a band. However, some groups can make it with very little publicity (ahem, ICP!). But it always helps to hear someone talk about a band on television or radio. Without someone from the mainstream to let people know about a group, many people that would possibly like the group never find out about it. If you remember the commercials on MTV when Bizzar/Bizaar was about to come out, that's what I'm talking about. It may not reach many people, but the few that it does will make a great impression on Zug Izland's future.

Next on the list is the issue of songs. Without killer, catchy songs, a band will go nowhere. The same is true with Zug Izland. It seems as if they are trying to cover all the bases with Zug Izland's first album, which is a good thing. In "Sunny Day", you can obviously tell that there is a great amount of Psychopathic influence injected in it. Yet, in "Prison Song", it uses quite a bit less sampling and more real instruments, which is something a true rock band should strive to do more often than not. If they can keep their songs at this high of a caliber, if not higher, they can become successful.

Lastly, Zug Izland must keep true to the nature of Psychopathic Records. They cannot become the hot pop band in everyone's mind. That's just not Psychopathic. However, that's not saying that they can't be popular. Just not on the same level as N'Sync and Britney Spears. (ugh! Sorry to mention them, Juggalos.) Zug Izland just cannot sell out. They must do what it takes to be as hardcore and ruthless as any rapper on Psychopathic Records. If they can do these things, which I think they can, then Zug Izland has nothing to worry about.

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